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Transcarpathia the driver "Lada" on demand cops did not stop!

A passenger " under shafe " also made resistance policemen! A resident of Vinogradov did resist police officers, who was in the line of Duty ’ bonds. The evening traffic police stopped to vul.Koryatovycha in m.Vynohradiv to check car « VAZ-11940 » ;. 34-year-old driver at the request of the police did not stop. He caught up with the police. During a conversation with the driver came to derzhavtoinspektora familiar offender who began to behave provocatively, let law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties. At the request of police officer to stop following people did not respond, instead dealtheader in the face of the inspector. As established scientific expertise, driver and passenger were drunk ch ’ yaninnya. Investigative police station for this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.345 Criminal Code of Ukraine (threat or violence against a law enforcement officer). For offendershrozhuye restriction or deprivation of liberty for up to n ’ mint years. Continues pre-trial investigation. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region (Inf. Vynohrdivskoho District Police)