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Environment Day in Chernihiv was a massive

participants in Chernihiv-wide Environment Day was attended by over 14 thousand. Residents. This was announced by Mayor Alexander Sokolov. He said that, in certain organizations, institutions and enterprises were assigned territory for cleaning parks and gardens. Controlled cleaningI City Department of Housing staff - "men in orange" who were wearing orange vests. They first determine areas for cleaning and then took their work. Personally Mayor with City Council employees worked in the Central Park of Culture and Rest. Only in the park to clean out 3 thousand. Chernihiv - mainly employees of city and regional budgetary institutions and students. "In general, citywide cleaning - Environment Day - attended by over 14 thousand. Residents. However, do Chernigov clean. This is our patriotism and our good tradition," - said the head of the regional center of Chernigov. Sokolov also said thatHousing management council launched a garbage collection to landfill. In addition, one of the neighborhoods of Chernihiv locals with employees of the enterprise "Chernigivoblenergo" and city authorities arranged the park. And so far Birch Grove was a favorite destination of many Chernihiv, and on Saturday there RETElnya cleaned area installed benches and arranged playground. To work had fun in birch grove military band played. Kommunalschiki recall that last month improvement by the end of April. Irina Synelnyk Video provided by ME "MAY" New Chernigov "