In the Rivne region rescuers informed the media about the work in the mode of high alert and trained journalists actions during emergencies

17 February the Directorate of DSNS in Rivne region held meeting of the Rescue Rivne region with local media. During Mr.res-conference of the State Service of the National Assembly informed the journalists about the most pressing issues of scope Rescue today. In particular, the Deputy Chief of Emergency Response Igor Mykhalchuk present reported that after the announcement of the Rivne region of high alert mode, Crucifixionoryadzhennyam Head Vitaly Chuhunnikova was set up operational headquarters, consisting of heads of government, regional police units, the State Service Emergency, Security Prosecution, Defense, Natshvardiyi, State Border Service, and heads of strategic enterprises, institutions and organizations. Staff workis daily around the clock and coordinating actions with the implementation of measures aimed at preventing and countering possible threats to the interests of the state, life and health ’ S citizens. In addition, the region has 257 units of civil defense, which is about 8500 people and almost 1400 vehicles. According to Colonel Mykhalchuk inDuring this period the orders of the head of Rescue Service Rivne region Sergey Kruk regional management units in the State Emergency Services on around the clock every day is almost 200 personnel and 50 vehicles. The structure of the reserve set nearly 190 personnel and 70 pieces of equipmentand. The forces of the State Service of the National Assembly of Rivne are in constant readiness to perform tasks to protect the population and territories from emergency situations. Then, Deputy Chief of state supervision and control Panyukov Oleg told reporters that at present in all enterprises, institutions and organizations of RivneRescuers field of civil protection plans check the special period and plans for emergency response. In addition, the staff about ’ objects classes on how to proceed at the time of the emergencies and rescue and other emergency operations through practical testing of conventional inputtion. Special attention during checks drawn on the state of readiness of protective structures Civil Defence to use them to their destination and the progress of their inventory, serviceability warning systems and staffing companies personal protection. Also, employees of PG DSNS provide methodological support managers about ’ objects, hold lectures with workers show short videos on how to proceed in case of emergencies and distribute thematic leaflets and posters. Separately, Lt. Panyukov said that since 09 February, aiming at informing the public on how to proceed in case of threat and emergency situathis (including floor ’ knitted from terrorist attacks and military conflicts), in units of counseling centers Main Department of State Service of the National Assembly introduced around the clock task forces for the provision of information on civil protection. During this period, consult the experts centers turned more than 120 citizens. On the work of salvation Rivne region displaced from the East country nationals representatives of the media informed the Deputy Chief of DSNS Alexander Mohryk. In particular, he said that the last active period of fighting in the east of the country has significantly increased the number of people leaving dangerous territorieOria and moving to other regions of Ukraine. Over the past two weeks Rivne rescuers met and taken to places of temporary accommodation 28 citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. All forcedly displaced persons who are in the Rivne region live in areas suitable for use in the winter and secured necessityhim for the first use of property. Organized constant monitoring of social conditions of families, if necessary provided free food, toiletries and essentials. Children rescuers regularly hold informative and entertainment. After speaking to the media Deputy DirectorCountry Emergency Management and Civil Protection RSA Vitaly Demidov. He reported that the available in the region 1671 defensive structures of civil protection at any time ready to receive and protect 72% of the population structures. In another part of the premises (usually private property) taking all the necessaryand measures to bring them in suitable condition. In addition, ODA management representative told reporters the appropriate organization in Rivne training managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations for civil defense, which in turn allows for reliable state fire and industrial safety all about ’ objects edge. For Endennyu press conference leadership of the Main Directorate DSNS invited journalists to visit the permanent mobile mobile consulting office. As directed by the Chief Directorate DSNS in Rivne Colonel Civil Protection Sergey Kruk similar mobile points since the introduction on high alert mode Rivne postyno working at about ’ yektah the massive presence of people, particularly in the auto and railway stations, large shopping centers and cinemas. They are equipped with posters, leaflets, brochures, newspapers, magazines, samples of personal protection. Media professionals rescuers showed a special procedure for the dummy beforedomedychnoyi first aid, terms of use fire extinguishers, personal protection, and Rose ’ yasnyly procedure during various types of emergencies. To reinforce your knowledge journalists awarded city ’ of interest, brochures, posters and leaflets on basic safety precautions life. PG DSNS in Rivne region