In the Rivne region teacher in class

injured pupil April 2 police director general school Biliv village of Rivne district, around noon during class teacher inflicted injuries 13-year-old pupil. In the matter of police conduct pre-trial investigation. Investigative team eighth grade childrentold that the teacher Tatiana is too low to explain the topic classes, some students move on the first desk. One of the girls obperlasya on the edge of the table and he perehylyvsya. Educator is annoyed, she grabbed a pen and Ilona hit her in the arm. First aid nurse provided the institution, and then turned to the local child feldshersko medical unit. - Information included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under paragraph 1 of Article 125 (intentional minor bodily harm), - the interim chief of the police station Rivne Valery Servetnyk. - Investigative police station preparing materials for reporting teacher suspected of committing a crime. In RivneDistrict Police repeatedly received reports of Tatiana. In particular, eighth grade student committed against her physical violence and that children violate discipline in the classroom during class. According to students, conflicts with this teacher there often. For all the facts, law enforcement officers are checking. It is known that a woman is ECStheir two daughters, 12 and 13 years old. Teacher faces criminal liability to a fine of $ 850 USD, or community service for up to 200 hours, or correctional labor for up to one year. Maria YUSTYTSKA, Rivne District Police Ukraine in Rivne region