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In exactly started work on the construction of Pump-Track

According to activists of the NGO "Green plain path" in Rovno started work on the construction of special bicycle trail called Pump track. "Last week we met with the Mayor, Poti with his deputy and others. There came the first car and the groundkronuvaly first tree, "- said the representative of" Green plain path "and chairman of the Association of cyclists Rivne Yuri Oytsyus. - About three weeks ago I met with activists about this and they told me about his plan. I liked the idea. Land is also suitable, it is located between the stadium "Avangard" and Oust?. This PUSshooting, in which passers-by often throw garbage. So here are better meet athletes and active young people than drug addicts, - said the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko. Note. Pump track (pump track, from the English.) - A special bicycle route that does not contain contains equal sections and represents an alternating pits, slopes and hills. Feature pamp-tracks is that typing speed and support is carried out not by pedaling and using a special technique of passage ("pumping") waves. This was reported in the Rivne City Council