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Bogdan wrote Kushnir continued "Vengeance intelligence operatives"

former Moscow correspondent "Young Ukraine", Lviv journalist Bogdan Kushnir wrote his novel sequel "Revenge of intelligence operatives." "Invisible web" - is a story about how smartly and professionally defused the one who challenged humanity at the beginning of the thirdmillennium. This was announced by the author on his page on Facebook. Bogdan Kushnir said that new novel « invisible web » moved the characters from the previous gripping work « Revenge of intelligence operatives & raquo ;. &Laquo; invisible web » &Ndash; adventure novel about a new evil plan of which wovearound Ukraine one whose name is still pronounced fear in the world. He recalled that in the previous novel « Revenge of intelligence operatives » described how Russian intelligence in the guise of the Winter Olympics in Sochi preparing expansion into Ukraine and how failed operation « Belt stability & raquo ;. &Laquo; It was the city ’ n which scenarioOLICY methods to take control of Ukraine. &Laquo; Revenge of intelligence operatives » published in the last days of 2013, and two months after the Winter Olympics, Russian troops poured in Crimea & raquo ;, – said the author. The author of the novel annotation: « Immaculately designed scheme gave unexpectedly fail. The man on natskovuvavbickering officers and military intelligence operatives strategic services to routinely raking in the heat proxy. Like a spider, he lured into a trap opponents side and watched as they caught and killed. Through a combination of its brilliantly lured into the valley dolmens, and then neutralized with fun and funny. How so cleverly LaneElah transaction poboyalosya close aides to tell people the truth, as the power away from those who, having read historical novels, yesterday raved laurels Alexander Macedonian. He hit the invisible web, which wove for others. Russian intelligence operatives, being in a combat zone in eastern Ukraine, in other looked at FinalESI Events – and decided to stop someone who defied all mankind. This adventure novel about Russian intelligence officers stopped by the new dictator on the brink of World War III & raquo ;. The author also takes part of the new novel: &Laquo; I lacked a few final touches to the work, and I went to the North Caucasus. There, often zalyzuvav wounds one whose name uttered with fear the whole country. At least é Resia, Friuli Laura for a reliable fortress built of local system security with triple protection, with a dedicated servant to no one could interfere in his world. On the shore of Laura for a reliable fortress built of local system securitytriple protection, with a dedicated servant to no one could interfere in his world. His predecessors had also closed the harbor where the hiding of remorse. Who Gagra who Pitsunda and it – in a quiet mountain village near Sochi. He first got in Krasnaya Polyana while serving in the First Intelligence KGB. Fairs, shabby, nondescript – none of it falling into the eye. Add ’ yataly Buckwheat, Kutahova, Ustinov mentioned other commanders and colorful guests, and it – No, the life of me. He lived in the second dormitory Center for Military tourism, which rested officers from East Germany. In Soviet times, remained in Krasnaya Polyanacovered village, which were often known generals and officers of the armies of the socialist camp. He walked in the footsteps behind her « about ’ & raquo ;, yektamy sometimes down to the village to taste wine and evenings spent in the restaurant with wood and glass, built near Ayibhy sketches by Marshal Grechko. Thirty years later, I again came to Krasnaya Polyana and slidesO disappointed. Do not recognize the quiet and cozy village. Everything here is scoured, cut down forests, mountains distorted, and at Ayibhy as a taunt, at an altitude of 2200 meters built restaurant. This man knew the world, took his tongue and disliked. Marshal Grechko in the village deeply honored to Defense Minister Ustinov were neutral, and about him oneven not mentioned. He lived in the presidential residence « Laura » Warbler on the banks of the river, which in bad weather and all the rage swept towards the sea. For residents of Krasnaya Polyana, he remained a stranger, though occasionally chosen from the den and tried to flirt with them. Near Sochi we waited. Brown-eyed brunette was the bait that invited me towalk to the Caucasian dolmens. Not just beautiful, but damn seductive. I am truly surprised, because until now no one has shared his intentions to go there, where the tectonic faults he has gathered strength. Anyway, as I seduce someone else's territory. We must nachuvatysya. In a quiet mountain village I tried to look into the inner world of peopleyny, which at the beginning of the third millennium challenged worldwide & raquo ;. Recall, « Revenge of intelligence operatives » &Ndash; fiction book about modern Russian intelligence reveals a little-known part of the layer still life secret services. Help. Bogdan Kushnir finished Lviv University. In 1995 – 1996 – correspondent « Ukraine Young » in Moscow. He taught at the university and public ryleynshz investigating. In recent years, working in the parliamentary newspaper « Ukraine Voice & raquo ;. Author documentary « How can we be with Russia » (1996) and « Error Solzhenitsyn » (2010), idHer are as action-adventure novel was born during the Ukrainian author in Moscow. Told