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In Ternopil buried commander "12 Hundreds 'Rostislav Yakubyka

February 16 in Ternopil held the funeral of the deceased commander" 12 Hundreds' Rostislav Yakubyka. Soldier buried in his home village Ishkiv Kozova area. Chin funeral made more than 10 priests. Tribute to a Hero came to family, friends, colleagues fighting, residents Sousseidnih villages. 36-year-old fighter Rostislav Yakubyk ("Cube") died in the area of ??ATO on 13 February. The tragedy occurred during the shelling of the city of happiness. The man was an activist Square, Ternopil headed "12 Hundred". In the war he volunteered because he said that can no longer look the part on how it destroys enemy country. This was reported in Ternopiland RSA