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In Vinnytsia told how to protect yourself from a forest fire?

Woods – green wealth of Ukraine, which needs to be protected from fire. Weather permitting people habitually reach for picnics in the woods and forest, on the shore, in the suburbs – on plots. During this period every year dramatically increases the number of fires in the forest-steppe zone, fires last yearoho dead around summer community, the private sector, roadsides, etc.. In Vinnitsa region was recently recorded a similar case. In Tomashpil happened near fire young pine forest. The element could stop, but she had hurt many newly planted trees. The reason is fire was careless use of fireem unidentified person. What can each to prevent forest fires and protect yourself, your village, your forest … ? Be careful with fire within any natural area. To your negligence did not cause a forest fire, follow these rules: - Going to the forest to rest or hike, be sure to axcomplex shovel, bucket or large plastic bag; - Never incinerate dry grass in fields or meadows in the forest. If you see how others do it, try to stop them and explain how dangerous herbs ’ volved burn; - Do not dilute the forest fire in dry hot weather, refrain from such outings as they with great virohidtions can lead to tragic consequences, including you and your family; - In any case, never dilute fire in dry forest or peat. First, make sure the fire is in the mineral soil (sand and clay). Before dilute fire, zhrebit forest floor with kostryscha and around it;- Well pour fire before leaving. Then rozhrebit ashes and make sure that it is not preserved during smoldering coals if preserved – then pour again. Do not go from flooded fire until close to smoke or steam. On what to fill in a fire, make sure in advance; - Never dispose of carefully outstanding matches or cigarettes, notUse a different forest fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, candles, etc., even in snowy woods; - Not directly enters the forest especially on cars and on motorcycles. Sparks from the muffler can cause fire, especially in the dry forest of moss; - Do not leave garbage in the forest. Clogging forest – without signCultures ’ I complete lack of conscience. In addition, such debris as empty glass bottles, creating the effect of a lens (magnifying glass) and often cause a fire; - Try to explain to your friends and that their negligence can cause fires. Feeling the smell of smoke, move closer and with ’ yasuyte that burns in which ArticleAuron wind blows the danger of fire spreading, or have children in the area of ??movement of fire. Assess the situation – whether to try to extinguish the fire on their own or with the help of better hurry not to lose the gift of time and prevent heat gain strength. If the fire is just beginning, – for example, a small grass ’ plates and finger or smoldering litter inEid left by someone fire, try to extinguish it yourself. Sometimes it is simply trample flame ’ i (albeit desirable to wait and make sure that the grass or litter really does not glow, or fire may from ’ re-appear). Pour the fire with water from the nearest reservoir, pour the ground. Use extinguishing branches of deciduous trees cf.Eid or tree length 1,5 – 2 meters thick cloth, wet clothes. Apply skovzni blows to the side edge of the fire toward the fire, as if sweeping flame ’ i; cloth after each hit upside to it thus cooled and did not start. Zahasyvshy small fire, do not go until you are sure that the fire did not rozhoros again. Include in forestry or fire and rescue service of the place and fire, as well as its possible causes. If it is your reckless actions resulted in fire, do not try to hide this fact and escape, – sooner or later the culprit will be installed, but the amount of compensation untimely extinguished the fire will nespivrozmirno more wrong, which pay on time stopping the fire. Clearly, if even your fault caused a fire and you can see that the quenching alone is dangerous for your life, or you will not be able to extinguish the fire, do not try and better call for backup. If burning peat ’ yane swamp, do not attempt to extinguish the fire themselvesin, go around his side. Move upwind so that it does not have dohanyav fire and smoke, not utrudnyav orientation, carefully inspect the road in front of you. Add ’ Yatai: by burning peat land and hot smoke coming out of it, indicating that the fire went into the ground, turf burn from the inside, creating a vacuum in which can fail and burn. You even look there or who will not (does not make sense). If the fire is strong and you can not put out his own – try it as soon as possible inform those who must do it. Call the Fire and Rescue Service (phone 101) and report found fire and how to get there. If a fire in the woods or on itrfovyschi call as in forestry (address and telephone forestry desirable to know before the fire-dangerous period, his example can be found in the phone book). If you see a burning stubble, do not wait, when will the forest or forest belts – also required ’ sure to call the police and rescue workers, even if the pidpalyv owner or field workers hired him. Ignition stubble, as if it was not shot ’ necessarily, extremely dangerous, because in addition to the fire hazard, it is also a great danger of excessive air pollution and the destruction of flora and fauna and often. Press Service HUDSNS in Vinnitsa region.