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A phone fraudster could not deceive Uzhgorod pensioner

Hearing the voice of a stranger claiming that her son, vtrapyv the police for the crime, 69-year-old uzhhorodka just put the phone ... A statement to Uzhgorod Gorotdel police asked 69-year-old resident of the city. Pensioner told that her cell phone rang Unknownand husband introduced her son and handed the phone supposedly investigating. In conversation with a woman psevdoslidchyy reported that her son is detained in the police station. However, either the police station or area does not have a stranger. Fortunately, retired not believe fraudster simply put the handset has not devised after hearing the story of the allegedher son. - Dear citizens! Do not respond to these calls from strangers. Do not trust the information provided by strangers on a cell phone. Pay attention to the number from which you are calling. Always check the information, ask as many questions and record the data of the person who is calling you - said Acting HeadUzhgorod Gorotdel police Lt. Roman Stefanyshyn. Uzhgorod police again advised in such cases to call 102 and act upon the instructions of Duty. Also immediately contact their relatives and ask about their location. This will either protect yourself from fraud, or if extortionist really is laborivnykom police, help clean our ranks from random people. Information Uzhhorod MB MIA