In Vinnitsa region is Easter fair of food for producer prices (+ photos)

4 April, in the district of Vinnitsa Cherry nearby shopping center 'shock' is Easter fair of the population of agricultural products, food and other goods at prices festive themes manufacturers. By UchaSTI in the event joined forming agricultural farms, poultry plant, entities in the production of food, trade, restaurants and businesses of consumer cooperatives. Overall its products - and a wide range of meat and sausage, chicken, eggs, butter, milkin, bakery, pasta, flour, cereals, canned fruits, vegetables and fruits as well as souvenir products festive theme - Vinnytsya presented about 160 businesses from all regions. On Easter fair way as the first deputy head of the regional state administration and chairman Andrew Gyzhko aboutlasnoyi Council Sergey scrolls. After reviewing the product range and pricing, government officials talked to producers and visitors of the event. "This fair is unusual compared to autumn organized producers, who planned to come here, we oriented that it peredpashalnyy fair, so the emphasis was spoblenyy meat and meat products. Approximately 35% of submitted products - a sausage, sausage and meat on the bone. This is a good support for people as compared to the prices that are at Vinnytsia markets, it is lower cost, "- said the first Deputy Governor Andrew Gyzhko. According to him, such a pricing policy achievedat first because all are products are direct supplies from manufacturers and dealers in any event no. Andrew Gyzhko also noted feature of this year's fair, that day on public transit allocated additional trams and trolleybuses and baggage for citizens - free. Specifiedsecond fair will last only one day, and the next week before Orthodox Easter from 8 to 10 April planned another similar event in Expo Chamber of Commerce. Reference On April 4 Easter Fair removed meat - 4.7 tons., Meat - 5.8 tons., Fresh fish - 5.2 tons., Eggs - 33 thousand. Pieces. Molokoproduktiv - 7.8 tons., oil - 11.2 tons, bakery and confectionery products - 13.0 tons., flour - 17.0 tons., cereals - 10.4 tons., apples - 23.0 tons., vegetables - 35.0 tons., as well as seedlings, seeds, flavoring and other products. A total of more than $ 2 million for producer prices. Reported in the VinnitsaOSA first