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More than 34 thousand ammunition pyrotechnics DSNS defused in eastern Ukraine for nine months

April 4 in the world celebrates International Day for Mine Safety on education and assistance in mine action. This date is one of the reminders that millions of people in nearly 80 countries still live with the threat of mines and contamination areas Seluhonebezpechnymy remnants of war. This issue is extremely topical for Ukraine. After a year of pyrotechnics State Emergency Service of Ukraine neutralize more than 75 thousand. Munitions and purified from ammunition 2 thousand. Ha. territory. Only in 2014 DSNS pyrotechnics were found and disposed of 151 thousand. Tons of ammunitionand examined 3 thousand. ha. territory. Problem munitions clearance Ukrayinyvid particularly acute after the anti-terrorist operation in the east. Pyrotechnics DSNS since July 6 last year, just after the liberation of Words ’ Jansky, went east to begin work on detection and neutralization vybuhonebezpechthese items. Work has in extremely difficult conditions of total mining areas. Only nine ’ Five months of work in eastern pyrotechnic units DSNS cleared more than 1 thousand 700 hectares of territory. What they discovered, seized and destroyed more than 34 thousand units of explosive devices, were tested for boyeprypasiv about 1000 social infrastructure. Terrorists mine roads, leaving explosives in public places and even disguise it under household items and toys. Everything is done in order to injure as many civilians. That is why daily pyrotechnics DSNS, risking their own lives, inspecttowns and villages of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts are hundreds of Munitions and neutralize them. Thus, they save lives of people who may become victims of cynicism terrorists. During this time the fireworks Rescue cleared 574 units specially set munitions, including explosive devices with remote controlammunition stretching in a state anti-handling devices, high-power bombs, ready for action and anti-tank landmines. Equally important is also the problem of explosive remnants of water pollution in eastern Ukraine. Too often terrorists fleeing, ammunition dump it into rivers and lakes. Therefore, in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts now workingNumber of units and underwater demining at this time are examined over 38 hectares area. For further implementation of pyrotechnic works in eastern Ukraine DSNS developed a plan of work for Humanitarian Demining liberated from terrorist groups Territories Donetsk and Lugansk 2015. This is a defined orientationVNA area of ??Donetsk and Lugansk regions to be screened for sites contaminated with explosive remnants – 7000 sq. km. According Service pyrotechnics amount of ammunition seized in the performance of demining for 2015 will make these areas approximately 70-75 thousand units. Press sluzhba DSNS Ukraine