In the Zhytomyr region police defused a suspicious package

Feb. 11 to Zhytomyr District Police received a report that one of the gas stations located at the gateway to the regional center, found a suspicious package contents. Law enforcement officials evacuated people surveyed territory and neutralized Potentially dangerous object.About 7 o'clock in the morning workers filling noticing tied plastic bag left near the entrance, approached the police. Employees Zhytomyr police station and Department of Civil Service of the Ministry of Interior provided the evacuation of people and the protection of potentially dangerous territory to visit specialists Explosives Research of an ExpertForensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During the survey was temporarily restricted the movement of vehicles on the adjacent highway. After inspecting the premises and surrounding area, experts decided on the remote destruction of said package. After the operation at the scene of substances and items that could pose a threat Ms.ttyu or human health, were found. 9.00 Some work has been restored gas station. Law enforcement officials remind citizens: in case of suspicious packages, suitcases, draws toys, gadgets and so they should not move, lift, look inside. Call the number "102" and report their discovery. This way you can uis to save your life and others. Be careful! SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region