Chernihiv carriers filed calculations for travel on city transport

According to the executive committee of the City Council on March 30, Chernihiv April 2 increased fares on public transport. For entities (regardless of ownership, affiliation, organizational and legal formmanagement), carrying passengers on city routes for general use, in its decision the executive committee Chernihiv city council set: the cost of a single ticket for travel in the bus public utility "Chernigov trolleybus management" Chernihiv City Council - 2.00 UAH .; marginal cost of a one-timeth ticket to travel on a bus that runs as normal traffic - 3.50 UAH .; marginal cost of a single ticket for travel on the bus, which operates in taxi - 3.50 USD. In addition, the installed cost of monthly tickets in the bus: Public - 100 UAH. Student - 50 USD. Student - 25 USD. For legal entities: Full - 180 UAH. Valid on weekdays - 130 UAH. According to the Department of Transport and Communications of the City Council at the official site of the Chernihiv City Council (under the heading "pressing issues") are estimates fares in urban passenger transport provided by the carrier. Department of Public Relations of the City Council