In Chernihiv City Council presented the book " How to develop the Ukrainian economy "

in Chernihiv City Council presented a book domestic economist Andrew Novak "How to raise the Ukrainian economy." The author met with Chernihiv Mayor Alexander Sokolov, and talked with employees of departments and departments of the Cityher advice. According A.Novaka main economic problem Ukraine is no common strategy. According to the economist, this affected all governments since independence of our country, but even the "bad" economic strategy is better than the absence of any. "The key challenge - to prove that we need to move towards economic policy strategy withoutchnyh colors, names and so on. Without modeling of economic development, we do not even have a chance, "- said A.Novak. The author has offered its own model of economic development of Ukraine. It is about tryfunktsionalnu model that combines the functions of production, sales and distribution of funds. As part of the book is the author's proposal on a comprehensive metodologies using fiscal and monetary tools of economic policy as a necessary precondition for the growth of the national economy. The Mayor expressed his confidence that the head of the economics of Ukraine will visit more Chernigov. "I hope that this is the first but not the last meeting. We need professional experts" - said O.Sokolov.During April 2-3 in Chernihiv presented the 5th edition Novak "How to raise the Ukrainian economy," which was published in 2015 edition 30 thousand. Copies. Presentations, meetings and discussions with the author held in schools, business community and public institutions of the regional center of Chernigov. The book is designed for professional Economicsomistiv, public administrators, students of economic specialties, all those interested in economic issues. Reference: Andrew Novak was born in 1973 in the city. Coloma Ivano-Frankivsk region. He graduated from European University (1997), PhD. Author of over 170 publications. The head of the economics of Ukraine. GoalPeninsula Fund "Alternative". Irina Synelnyk