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In Ternopil join the Material Reserve offices Civil Protection Privacy territorial subsystem

single state system of civil protection in high availability mode and status of Technical Inventory protective structures of civil protection in the April 2 discussed at a meeting of the board of management of Qifree protection of Ternopil Regional State Administration. Participation in the meeting was the acting head of the Games and dear head of DSNS in Ternopil region, Viktor oil. In addition, the agenda addressed the issue of work on the problems in the first quarter of 2015, the state of HR and Useonavskoyi discipline in the first quarter of 2015, implementation of anti-corruption legislation. During the meeting identified key areas of work for the second quarter of 2015. Therefore, analyzing management activities in the first quarter of 2015, decided to adjust plans of management in case of emergency situation andnatural disasters under the Code of Civil Protection of Ukraine. Also create a reserve fund of local budgets and expected expenditure in the relevant local programs to replenish the reserve material. The priority now is to conduct technical inventory of protective structures of civil protection of all forms of onessti, said Acting Head of Games like. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration