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Weekdays mobilized MPs Peter Gavrish

recently in defense of Ukraine was three deputies Ivano-Frankivsk City Council - "Svoboda" Gavrish Peter, Andrew and Michael Gnativ Malyarchuk In particular Peter Gavrish currently on the training base of one of the assault spetsbatalyoniv near Kyiv. Because behind - the experience of active service, is what cf.ivnyaty current level of military education fighters. He says now is the best opportunity to learn how to skillfully handling of weapons, tactical aspects of operations. In general, the learning process is structured, progressive approach. "We practiced" sweep "of the town, ambush passing through the mined forest areas. Our gcrore each has its function, and must learn to work like clockwork. Makhnovshchina real battle will not "- says Gavrish. By the way, with Peter Gavrish on the same basis of preparation is Michael Malyarchuk (both - see photo). Material "" This was reported in Ivano-Frankivsk city council