In Ternopil on 1 March fares on taxis be 3 USD.

In Ternopil on 1 March fares in taxis be 3 USD. The corresponding decision was taken at a meeting of the executive committee. As the head of the City Council of Transport Igor Medynskyy, Ternopil one of the last cities in Ukraine, which has aOhm increased costs for travel, despite rising prices for fuel and spare parts. &Laquo; On March 1 fare taxi in the city will be 3 USD., And for students - 1.50 UAH., &Ndash; says Igor Medynskyy. &Ndash; In the so-called « social » buses – 2.50 USD. Students – 1.25 USD. Farein electric transport will remain unchanged & raquo ;. Transportation beneficiaries remain unchanged: the taxi – three beneficiaries in the social and transport in trolley – without restrictions. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council