In Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk reported on work in 2014 to members of the standing committee on education, science, culture, language

Meeting of the Standing Committee of the City Council on education, science, culture and language. Deputies Anatoly Parkhomyuk Irina Konstankevych, Askold Baking listened and took note of the report Mayorexecutive personnel of the City Council in 2014. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk in his speech stressed that this was a special year. Advantages Revolution, the war in eastern Ukraine, political and economic crisis - all survived every Ukrainian last year. Each local community felt a big change, and local vlady had to quickly adjust their plans in farming and management. Overall, in the past, the authorities worked to realize the target of 40 urban and complex programs. In 2014, the city budget received 1 billion 95 million USD, performance was 101.1%. The city budget was exceeded by 11.4 million. Income tax bases formedWell of general fund revenues of the city budget. According to the mayor, the city's economy in the leading role of the real economy. In 2014 compared to previous years was provided positive dynamics of growth of volume of industrial production. In 2014 the figure was 3.54 billion USD."The main component of the increase in life Lutsk is the growth of average wages. As of October 1 last year, the average nominal wage in the city is 2781 USD, the region 2 646 UAH '' said City Mayor. He said that in Lutsk in recent years actively pursued decide to work onennyam question of energy savings, implementation of energy efficiency measures and energy efficiency. In particular, last year in the public sector, the residential sector, industry and housing the city implemented 86 energy saving measures totaling more than 12 million. The result of this work - saving six million per yearalready in the near future. Following the 2014 heat consumption reduced by 14.6 thousand Giga calories., Or 33.6%, natural gas at 117.7 thousand cubic meters, or 27%, and hot water for 6 tys.kub. m, or 13.5%. In 2014 he became one of Lutsk city-winners of "Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine" (LED). For the city budget instanovleno individual heating units in Lutsk centers of primary health care number 2 and number 3 in obstetric and gynecological cases municipal clinical hospital. Local authorities continue to cooperate actively in the international project North Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO. In addition, Lutsk implemented developmt "Energy for Mayors East." The speaker noted that in 2014 carried out the relevant work to repair city roads. Overall carried overhaul and repair 192 objects of the road network. One of the main directions of reforming housing and communal services in Lutsk is to create condominiums bahatokvartygns houses. Already registered in 139 organizations (17% of apartment buildings), 19 of them - created in the reporting year. Nicholas Romaniuk tezisno said as carried landscaping, environmental protection and sanitary condition of the city. In particular, special attention is focused on equipping public transport roofed sheds,benches and trash. Equipped with 13 public transport and has a 9 covered carport. During 2014, the work on greening the city. It was removed more than 340 old and dead trees, planted over 3000 trees. Work continued on the improvement of the cleaning and restoration of the sanitary condition of the river Sapalayivka. Importantproject for us is the construction of a modern landfill for solid waste management in the village. Brysche. On the development of transport infrastructure, the priority is the development of public transport. The city operated 28 bus, which operates 233 buses. However, in our future publicTransport provides priority of trolley movement. In 2014, the day on 40 routes left more trolleybuses. Nicholas Romaniuk outlined in international cooperation and development activity in Lutsk, culture, health, physical education and sports. Today Luck works with 16 cities in 9 countries. Narrated etc.of the main programs implemented in the field of culture, health and answered questions from MPs. The Commission supported the draft decision on the approval of the municipal institution "interschool training and production centers of the City Council" in the new edition. This was reported in Lutsk City Council