Traffic police officers checked Volyn pasazhyropereviznykiv

Despite the preventive measures that are constantly carrying inspectors, the accident rate in the region is high. Morning and evening peak hours, according to statistics, the most traumatic for both drivers and pedestrians. The reason for this - inattention and carelessness participantykiv traffic. Therefore, on the basis of the order head of traffic police in Volyn Oblast Vladimir Kravcheni, conducted patrol roads regional center in order to regulate traffic and prevent accidents: - Since the beginning of this year recorded eight accidents involving taxis. Of these, two - with the victimymi in which three people were killed and 12 injured. Moreover, among the primary violation - leave the stop without enabled turns, abrupt maneuvering on the roadway, stop at pedestrian crossings and ignoring traffic lights. There were two cases where drivers sit behind the wheel drunk. Despite the ban on Rosemovlyaty on mobile, unfortunately, it does not adhere to all but a gross disregard for the safety of passengers. At the beginning of the raid inspectors recorded many violations that carried the taxi drivers. Repeated passage for red light, disembarking in prohibited place, talking on mobile while driving and stopping at pishohigoing down - a major violation resorted drivers. - Drivers initially did not always recognize that violate the rules, but when providing videopidtverdzhennya agree with violations specified in the protocol. During the raid as a whole made eight administrative materials for taxi drivers who violated traffic regulations. MainlyFor these - travel through a red light, ignoring markings and traffic signs, talking on mobile while driving - reported on the results of operations chief inspector UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Volyn region Vasyl Kondratiuk. The police officer said that it was not in fines, and driver awareness of their responsibility because accidents involving marshrutnohat taxi entail more victims: - School bus not adapted to the harsh manevruvan as seats are not equipped with means of protection, in fact - in the cabin passengers are facing, even in permissible speed they could be severely injured "- said the inspector. State car Volyn regionappeals to public transport passengers if you witness a violation of traffic rules by the driver, do not be afraid to make comments. After all, so you care for their own security. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region