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In Khmelnytsky by removing "spoiling" retired gave all their savings

gave 10 thousand elderly couple from the village Katerynivka Dunaivtsi area two crook who promised to deprive victims of all diseases. On that day in the village went to two unknown women forty years. Came to the elderly, who are basking in the sun, and begana question of life-health. Seniors, of course, complained about numerous ailments. Here crook abandoned old as the hills, "bait": "You Porobleno. We can work out, but it needs to carry out a ritual over all your savings, because that money accumulate negative energy. " Grandmother obediently brought 10 thousand and gave them "knowsKharkiv ". Those tied bundle of money for a long time over it "shamanyly", and then sent back and ordered resolved after 3 days. At a certain time pensioners decided rag, but there was nothing. Then a call to Dunaivtsi police department. Law enforcement officials have opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 190 "Fraud" of the Criminal CodeUkraine. Currently there are some steps for installing shahrayok people. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region