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In the Zhytomyr region due to abuse of kiln owners could remain homeless

April 2 at 21:15 on the item called ’ communications 15th State Fire and Rescue downtown Baranivka received information about a fire in a private house, located in village stone ’ plates and Brid. To rescue « 101 » called the owner of the house. The woman said that after returning home, opened the front door and rushed out acrid smoke. Hostess immediately informed about it and nazdvychaynykiv with fellow villagers started their own extinction. Upon arrival at the scene, rescue workers found that cell fire is in one of the rooms of the house.Together, rescue workers and housekeepers are at 21:42 the fire was completely extinguished. However, the fire had destroyed the belongings and damage to one of the rooms. According to preliminary information fire was due to a violation of fire safety rules when using the stove heating. Before you go for, hostess melted the stove. In rezultati took over is situated on a chair. As a result of the fires killed and injured there. Now all the circumstances set of events experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region