In the Zhytomyr region pyrotechnics Management DSNS spend four Munitions Destruction

April 2 to rescue Zhytomyr received 2 reports of detection of suspicious objects. The first of which the village Berezivka Zhytomyr region. There's a guard noticed a former military base on its territory unknown objects. Wilteach them from the land he did not, and immediately called the emergency services « 101 & raquo ;. Experts DSNS who came to the site findings call identified as 120 milimitrovu mine and 2 artillery shells caliber 152 mm. Another message received on GNP detection point called ’ communications 20th state of the Fire and Rescue m. Korostyshiv. Fiercely « hunter metal » explored the area in the forest near the village. Stryzhivka. His search ended with the discovery of an unknown object, which people did not dare to dig. Assuming that the land can be military ammunition, he informed the experts DSNS. Last inspected the object of ’ yasuvaly it's nothingmore than a 76-mm artillery shell munitions. Our current line of work conducted pyrotechnic destruction of all findings detected dangerous war. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region