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Fire protection systems Zhytomyr houses high-rise buildings in critical condition

In the Zhytomyr region there are 18 high-rise buildings residential buildings, all located in the regional center. Their fire protection system is in critical condition - the worst in comparison with other areas of the state. PrFor these it was at a meeting of the Regional Commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies that occurred April 3, chaired by the Deputy Chief of DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr Oblast Oleg Derzhanivskoho. As reported Deputy Head of Rescue Service area of ??state supervision and control Oleg Shahrand - in any of the houses are no serviceable engineering protection systems (fire alarm, warning and evacuation in case of fire, smoke and staff of air, etc.). Because of the failure of fire protection, unauthorized alterations to premises corridors zahromadzhennya valves and smoke evacuation routes clutteringth fire safety of buildings worse every year. This prevents timely fire detection, warning and evacuation of residents. However, over the last 4 years have been conducted to bring funding for fire protection systems in proper condition. At the estimated cost of the recovery system engineering equipmentTopics Fire Alarm compared to previous years increased. And, according to Zhytomyr City Council, is 800 thousand. USD. One house. Deputy Head of Housing Iryna Yarosh agreed that the state of fire protection of buildings of local high-rise buildings are in poor condition. However zapevNile that the city budget laid 700 000 USD. to eliminate the existing problems. &Laquo; I understand that we are used to – until something terrible happens, no one will do. We need to introduce a more reasoned action. That's even the same fire hydrants … I say honestly, we set them – stolen a week. Therefore, there is a significant role played by the mentality of our people & raquo ;, – Yarosh says Irina. Commission Decision recommended Zhytomyr City Executive Committee, balance-houses high-rise buildings to develop and approve plans for the restoration of fire protection systems. Monitoring of the decision to put Oblastno civil service management of emergencies, the results need to report The local authority and the National Assembly by 1 November 2015. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region