In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo police tracked down the missing teen

Less than a day Mukachevo police tracked down the missing 14-year-old student. The teenager decided to stay with a friend in a nearby Svalyave, but no man said. By Mukachevo police officers asking to find a missing 14-year-old son of the fathersguy. The mother said that March 30 about 15 o'clock child left home and never returned. Only the next day, when the parents themselves could not find the child, they turned to the police. After receiving the information, the police brought information to the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations on the basis of the Criminal Code of Ukraine st.115 (intentionalis murder). Began searching for the missing. Workers Sector of Criminal Police Juvenile checked all the possible places where he could be the guy interviewed residents, friends, neighbors. During the day, set the location of the child. As it turned out, the teenager decided to go to a friend in g.Svalyava. Knowing that his mother will not let anyone AveFor these said ... When police found the child and returned to the parents, the child promised that more not do so. From the mother of a minor police had preventive conversation. The woman promised that longer pay your child and see to his son. Information Mukachevo CF MIA