In the Rivne region discussed the import of cars from abroad roundtable

Management Inspectorate of Rivne third in March took part in the discussion on import cars from abroad for military purposes in the area of ??counter-terrorism operations. 15 hours indoors Rivne Customs heldroundtable with representatives of the NGO "AutoMaidan equal" leadership of the State Customs and region. Representatives of agencies and community talked about the possibility of introducing a simplified procedure importation from abroad of vehicles without payment of customs duties for use in the area of ??TU. Each of presenceix shared his views and proposals to address this issue. Global Head of the State offered to sell vehicles imported to Ukraine outside the customs control and the cars number of nodes units were destroyed by artisanal or subjected to mechanical intervention. Such expression vehicleslyaly and traffic police detained and brought it to the temporary detention sites. All participants of the roundtable will summarize and send to the legislature for further elaboration and approval of the national level. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine Rivne region