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Mayor of Zabrze handed military Rivne medical medical equipment

In exactly the solemn transfer of humanitarian aid in the form of medical equipment and facilities from the President of the city partner city Zabrze (Poland) Ms Ma?gorzata Manko Korshunov. - A variety of medical supplies, including medical backpacks and bags, ukomplektovani necessary materials for first aid, artificial respiration apparatus, medical kits tire transport seriously ill, sanitary litter, personal protective equipment, hazostiyki suits, fire and rescue masks, etc., - says Secretary of Rivne City Council Andrew Hreschuk. According to him, the totalamount of aid is about 45 thousand zlotys (282 thousand. USD). At the request of the Mayor of Zabrze, given the events in Ukraine, the load will be distributed between the medical service units of 0798 (commander Lt. Nicholas Kapinos) Volunteer Battalion "Saint Mary" and medsluzhb doctors and volunteer battalions that are sent toEast Ukraine. Transfer Assistance was held in the boardroom executive committee with the participation of the Secretary of Rivne City Council Andrew Hreschuka, chief of the city Department of International Relations Elena Petrov, acting Head of the Department of Health Executive Committee Rivnerady Victoria Pokoyevchuk, second lieutenant medsluzhby, general practitioner clinics "Roosterschna "Natalia Hrytsyna, second lieutenant medsluzhby, anesthesiologists viddilovoyi railway hospital Zhymolosnova Alexander, second lieutenant medsluzhby, anesthesiologists viddilovoyi railway hospital Levchuk Romance, second lieutenant medsluzhby, anesthesiologist BTF Igor Deineki, second lieutenant medsluzhby stock, doctor-Xlog Ltd. "Diagnostic Center" PAM, "doctor Volunteer Battalion" Saint Mary "Oleg Horoshenka and acting Chief of Medical Service in Military Unit Yuri Polishchuk. Note. Back in 2002, signed "Partnership Agreement" between the city of Rivne and Zabrze (Silesian Province). In recent years, cooperation has intensified significantly. Setupbut links between children's music and art schools, photoartist Rivne and Zabrze. Every year, representatives of these institutions participating in cultural events, open air, exhibitions, festivals and conferences. Last year, the city of Zabrze together with "Street Children Relief Fund" provided significant financial assistance to the families of the victims maydanivtsiv Rivne.Recently Rivne city received humanitarian aid provided for medical care. This was reported in the Rivne City Council