The Mayor welcomed the 90-year anniversary of rivnyanyna

April 3 his 90th birthday notes rivnyannyn, a veteran of World War II, Lt. Ukraine's armed forces, war veteran Peter F. Derybon. With the words of sincere greetings, wishes good health and peace came home to hero of the day and the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko. And ifOm with him and representatives of social services. They came away empty-handed - brought considerable package products, diplomas, flowers and targeted financial assistance. Peter F. had a difficult life. One of his time, he was seriously wounded in front of his family suffered from the communist regime, the NKVD arrested a father"Enemy of the people" during the collectivization family had no means of support - the Soviet government took away cattle, land and implements. - We wish Mr. Peter and good health and want to ensure that he and other old cities continue to feel our support, - said the mayor. P.S. Shortly read on our website lengthy interview'S with ANNIVERSARIES. This was reported in the Rivne City Council