In the Rivne region mobile social work office continues April 2 at

Kvasylivskiy village council Rivne region held visiting reception « mobile social office & raquo ;. His work which was attended by the representatives from the Social Welfare State Administration, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, paEmployment ion, the district center of social services for seven ’ her children and young workers Rivne city district administration SU DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region. According to the functional tasks assigned to « mobile social office & raquo ;, held public information on current legislation and measuress social protection provided Rose ’ explanations on providing housing subsidies, state aid to families with children and more. Employees PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region held a public information and consultation on the implementation of the state policy in the field of civil protection of population and territories from emergency fatatsiy and prevention, emergency response, fire and technological safety of emergency services, prevention of injuries outside work state supervision (control) of the observance and implementation of legislation in the areas of fire and technological security at the regional level. All questions withpetsialistamy been given satisfactory answers. The event discussed the possibility of cooperation of specialists of structural units of state administration, PG DSNS workers, specialists of other services and the local community to address the pressing issues of the village council, including improving fire protection and creation of the IPC. Answerbut with the approved schedule « mobile social office » constantly receives citizens in the community in a particular locality Rivne region. This allows you to bring social services to the population, to ensure availability, promotes public awareness, including on civil prostu and fire safety. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region