In Khmelnytsky workers SSS arrested thieves telephone cable

Trying to avoid responsibility, attackers law enforcement staff introduced the telephone company. Around 11 pm on the remote central monitoring State Security Service received an alarm signal from the basement of one of the high-riseok Khmelnitsky in which the cable telephone line. Everything pointed to the fact that someone damaged cable. On the call immediately went attire of detention State Security Service. Law enforcement officers noticed that the front door lock disrupted basement. To lock an object to the aid caused extra outfit. Acting professionally withlahodzheno, police began to check the premises. During the detailed inspection of the site derzhohorontsi noticed two unknowns. Near men who tried to present themselves as telephone company employees, lay a coil of cable than the bag. Attackers were two brothers in 1980 and 1984 birth previously been prytyahuvalysya to justice. Their criminal acts caused damage not only telephone company, but also residents of one of the apartment buildings of the city Khmelnitsky - through cable damage citizens were left without telephone service. Currently, police officers check their involvement in similar crimes. UDSO at MIA Ukraine toKhmelnitsky region