In Ternopil Borshchiv police accused of stealing

chernivchanyna theft employees Borshiv district police suspect 47-year resident of Chernivtsi region. For profit a man climbed to the non-residential sector. A statement about the theft to the police department employees Borshiv turned resident of Ternopil. A man reportedThat someone vidvazhyvshy window, entered into non-residential building his deceased parents in the village Hrabivtsi and brought out a microwave, TV and other property. Law enforcement officials determined tasty to another's property. Involved in the theft was 47-year-old native of Borschiv district, currently residing in Chernivtsi region. It turned out that the suspectcame to the village where he left his father's house. They stopped for a while. It was during this period and looked to the mansion next door, where no one lives. I decided to search it for profit - brought all the valuables. On this fact openly criminal proceedings. Actions suspect qualify under Article 185 of the Criminal Code - theft. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopilskiy area