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In exactly the police, journalists and the public together in the fight against violators of traffic rules (+ photos)

With the initiative of the Office of Traffic Police Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rivne region, Rivne April 2 in the media and activists showed drivers who break the rules of stop and parking.In the management of the State met the traffic police involved in the raid of, and all visitors who wish to take part in it. Before leaving on patrol routes head of the regional traffic police administration instructed subordinates, targeting your personnel to identify gross violations of car drivers of traffic rules, and cExactly stopping and parking. Participants were divided into separate raid group and went to patrol the streets of the regional center of the traffic police. Overall in the prevention attracted 15 patrol cars and 30 inspectors. Each crew other than law enforcement, was a community activist and media. - Finalsometimes concerned citizens increasingly focus on the problem of parking of vehicles, particularly in the regional center - the head of the Regional Inspectorate Alexander Semeniuk. - In order to discipline our drivers with regard to the requirements of the Rules of the road, we decided to conduct a joint preventive raid, whicho attracted the media and civil society activists. Such preventive measures we plan to carry out further. I hope that together we can bring order to the road network of the city. During the raid on preventive drivers who blatantly violated the rules of stop and parking pratsivnying traffic police to administration protocols. In addition, some drivers and inspectors warned targeted at further strict compliance with traffic rules. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region