In the Rivne region during the charity sale rescuers trained citizens basic safety of life

April 1 at the initiative of Foundation « & raquo ;, Ruyevyd local private entrepreneur Alexander Miller and the support of district administration, management of social protection and education department in the village. Fromarichne a charity fair, which aimed to raise funds for the needs of Ukrainian troops in the area and the ATO treatment to restore hip soldier from Battalion « Gorin » Smerdova Andrew, who was wounded during a combat mission. To the west and joined local rescuers Main Department DSNS Engayiny in Rivne region, who organized preventive Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work among local people on fire and industrial safety. During the day, rescuers told citizens about the terms of operational and rescue services during high alert, trained citizens to behave in such a state when possible todzvychaynyh situations and the basic rules of life safety. Particular attention of citizens emergency personnel focused on observing precautions in identifying suspicious of unfamiliar objects that may contain explosives. For better data fixing skills demonstrated photos citizens disguised as toys, sweets hand household items, explosive objects that failed to employees of the State Service of the National Assembly to detect and neutralize. Also, participants showed rescuers fair samples artillery shells, mines and grenades, which are often engineers are on site Rivne and told about the consequences of neglecting safety rules during detectionozrilyh items. All citizens received city ’ of interest, brochures, posters and leaflets on basic safety precautions life. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region