Rivne region, rescuers began Readiness capabilities to perform search and rescue on the water

Q ’ fifty nine ’ Five lives were taken rivers and lakes Rivne region last year, three were rescued drowning. Only since the beginning of this year in the region there were 9 accidents on waterand, as a result of which killed ten citizens, including 7 children. A large number of these events occurred involving fishermen. Ahead rescue – difficult season. With the onset of favorable weather conditions, near water increases the number of fishing enthusiasts. Employees of the Main Directorate DSNS region started Readiness capabilitiesto carry out a search and rescue on the water. Together with Rivne Oblast municipal emergency services on water at regular training, which took place on April 2nd largest lake Rivne bass Angle, experienced special equipment, sailors, divers plunged into the water and rescued conditional victims. For tacticalexercise plan, the number « 101 » to PG DSNS from one of the fishermen was reported that the lake bass corner, near boat station two fishermen dropped out rowing boat. One fisherman, as a result of mechanical damage paddles drifting in a boat on the lake, and not being able to swim to shore. People need urgent assistance. To the scene immediately came another department rescuers on a special emergency vehicle. Soldiers of the State Service of the National Assembly together with the sailors, divers ROKARSVO using lifeboat reached the victims and took them to shore. Woe fishermen skillfully rendered the first medical and psychological assistance and callAli on the scene team doctors. &Laquo; Such studies allow each of the emergency services not only further test the combat readiness of their units, but also improve the level of coordination during rescue water about ’ yektah & raquo ;, - said the head of the emergency response GU DSNS Ukrainein Rivne Colonel Civil Protection Sergey Pavlovsky. By watching the actions of rescuers and local residents who were near the place of training. With them employees of the State Service of the National Assembly had preventive talks and handed out leaflets warning the basic rules of conduct while fishing and swimming. Togetherso reminded what rules should follow and what to do in case of emergency. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region