In the Rivne region Rescuers towed two carriage ambulance, which fell in a mud trap

April 1 at 15:30 to the Rescue Chief Management DSNS in Rivne dial « 101 » sought the assistance of another controller ambulance station Rivne, who said that the nextsecond car physicians returning from a call stuck in the mud on the street Korolenko and leave alone can not. They help in the same dispatcher was sent another car « fast & raquo ;, which is trying to draw it also got a trap. At the address promptly went another guard rescuers State Fire ryatuvalnoyi of 1. Soldiers of the State Service of the National Assembly by means of rope towed carriage ambulance on roadway. Then the car went by doctors before the planned route, and rescuers returned to the location of the unit for further duty. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region