Ivano-Frankivsk tips motorists as to protect the car against theft

In order to protect your car from being stolen police advised to follow precautions and confess that the above tips will help keep the vehicle from criminal attacks. After analyzing the latest facts on stolen cars Ivanor-Frankivschyni, one can conclude that there are many cases where victims themselves provoke criminals to commit such theft. And we should remember, if you are a victim of thieves do not waste precious time needed to search and arrest criminals. Immediately call the police, but it will greatly increase the chances to return your property and the whole districteushkodzhenoyu. For example, to Gorotdel police turned 38-year-old resident of Ivano-Frankivsk and reported that revealed the absence of his car abandoned in the yard of his house on the street Galicia. Law enforcement officers are searching for stolen by car and set of persons who may be involved in the theft. Also keep reminding citizensbe a few simple rules that will help protect the car against theft. - It is mandatory to equip your vehicle anti-theft devices. - The trainers car, even if leaving it for long. Remember schonaychastishe criminals steal cars that owners left unlocked. - Do not leave the keys in the ignitioneven when leaving the car in his garage. - At night, put the car in the garage with secure locks or the parking lot, which is guarded. - Leaving the car in the street, use it at the wall of the house or close to another car. Then it will be more difficult to penetrate. - If you permanently leave the car in the parking lot, take care ofthe fact that it was not seasoned fuel. In order to prevent theft of personal belongings from the car, do not leave, especially at night, valuables, including documents (driver's license, registration certificate) inside the vehicle. Be careful and remember that the integrity of the vehicle mainly depends on you the most. SZEM UMVS Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk