In bribes detained worker kindergarten Ivano-Frankivsk

* Employees Division of State Service to combat economic crime MIA in fact documented obtain undue advantage by an official kindergarten. It was established that the director of a preschool institutions Ivano-Frankivsk required and recymala undue advantage in the form of home appliances cost more than 5 thousand. For such rewards promised an official in the local zhyteltsi decide on the placement of an extraordinary child to school. Finally, employees subdivision of the State Service for Fighting Economic Crime MIA in a woman caught "red-handed" when it receiveswas that demanded. On this fact workers investigative unit of the Interior region are investigating criminal proceedings on the grounds of a criminal offense provisions of Clause 3 of Article 15, Part 3 st.368 Criminal Code of Ukraine. Pre-trial investigation continues, set all the circumstances of the event. The suspects elected zapobizhnyy measure in the form of personal liability. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk