Six Transcarpathian organizations receive funds to implement their projects for children and youth

Department for Youth and Sports Transcarpathian Regional Administration announced winners programs, projects and activities for children and young people, the realization of which in 2015 provided financial support for the implementation of the Regional Program for Youth, family, demohraspecies and gender politics. They are: "Workshop" School leadership in the environmental movement "Regional youth, environmental association" Ecosphere "; "Second Regional Youth Forum" Young people will change Ukraine "Uzhgorod NGO" students only; "The show project" Best student 2015 "public bodyizatsiyi "European School"; "Camp Dream" SUPER CAMP "NGO" European School "; "Festival of Children's Day" Kids Fest "NGO" European School "; "Festival of medieval culture" Silver Tatosh "NGO" Kalahan - A " In their project winners will receive funds for a total sUma 70,520 USD. Office of Youth and Sports of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast Administration