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In the Transcarpathian region Irshava district kradiyku exposed metal

25-year-old previously convicted zloumyshlennitsy robbed his odnoselchanyna who treated her wine. By senior district police station inspector Irshavsk Police Major John Smith turned 77-year-old pensioner from the village of Long. The applicant stated that his court unknown person stoleand 5 metal flight and drive wheels of the truck. Theft caused material damage was about 500 USD. As found out precinct, metal theft committed previously convicted 25-year resident of Mr. Dovhyy. Women often came to visit the pensioner, he treated her wine. On this day, my grandfather was not home, and welcome the idea somethingprofit. Three stolen flights zloumyshlennitsy sold his odnoselchanynu 100 USD. The money spent on drink. The next day kradiyka again went to his grandfather, who was not at home. This time schedule and stole two drive wheels of the vehicle. According stolen helped out 90 UAH. In this incident the investigating police department Irshavsk John Bilohorka openin criminal proceedings under the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft). Zlodiytsi face fines, corrective labor or imprisonment for up to three years. Information Irshavsk District Police