Svobodovtsev need to check for dual citizenship in some officials Volyn region

April 2, 2015 Volyn oblast council deputies supported the request of PA " Freedom " Alexander and Nicholas Pyrozhyka Sobutsky to the acting head of the SBU in the Volyn region Alexander Karpenko on checkinand the availability of dual citizenship in some officials in the Volyn region and statements and actions that have elements of aiding terrorism. By Deputies received information that the head of the Volyn branch of the State Enterprise " Ukrainian State Centre of Radio " Sergey Petrov except Ukrainian and Russian communities hasyanstvo and his family live in Kaliningrad. This information, including coverage and television journalist " & quot ;. Avers &Quot; In terms of military aggression by the Russian Federation, this information needs to be reviewed because Sergei Petrov has access to important state secrets, controls the frequency resource in the field of telefoniyi, television and radio in the Volyn region and beyond, in an open and military information war against Russia Ukraine is unacceptable. This may be one reason that in office Sergei Petrov their actions or inaction may be involved in the delay of miscalculation TV frequenciesin northern areas where people are not able to watch programs Ukrainian regional TV channels, while channels dominate the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation & quot ;, - said first deputy head of Volyn Oblast Alexander Pyrozhyk. Also in the request Svoboda asked to pay attention to the fact that some representativesnicks " left " veteran organizations of our country during his meetings with the residents of Lutsk allow themselves to statements that contain elements of aiding terrorism. In particular, according to journalists during the thematic meetings with pupils Volyn Regional Center of scientific and technical creativity of school youth in citiesLutsk and on the occasion of liberation from Nazi invaders Michael Yerlin allowed himself remarks that cause serious concern: " ... Hospital vyetyeranov wars. I imeyu right dvazhdy a year to pass there lyechyenyye. Syeychas stranger, and there Eta nyezakonnyye ranyenyye! Ponimayetye? Oni nezakonnyye ranyenyye! Surely with etym upon skoryeye! & Quot ;. In theregard to the deputies should SBU management area with the requirement to verify information posted and, if confirmation - a legal assessment of such actions and statements. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "