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Chernivtsi region, on the eve of Easter rescuers reminded clergy safety rules

Easter – one of the greatest Christian holidays, during the celebration of which many people attend worship in churches. In such cases, there is always the threat of fire, as citizens zapalyuvatymut candles in the church. It is soc, to prevent fires and accidents with people during the celebration of Easter, staff management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region provides information Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work with priests. This work is carried out throughout the Chernivtsi region. For example, on April 2 rescuers together with specialists Czernyetskoyi Regional Volunteer Fire Company of Ukraine visited the Monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary « & raquo ;, Horecha located on the street. Troyanivskiy regional center. The rector of the church staff and service personnel management conducted Rose ’ yasnyuvalni conversation about the importance of compliance with rules Safety ofEka, distributed memory ’ leaflets of interest and the basic rules of fire safety. Special attention at the meeting with clergy paid safety rules during worship when believers go en masse to the temples. In addition to Rose ’ explanation of basic safety, rescue workers drew attention to a sufficient molkosti extinguishers in the church and their technical health. In order that the priests were able to correctly use fire extinguishers, if necessary, representatives of regional organizations DPT Ukraine demonstrated how to do it. After this, the priests were able to personally try to eliminate conventional fire, which is extremely important becausepractical skills to help consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge. Finally the meeting, officials of the regional organization DPT Ukraine handed personally developed guidelines for fire safety. &Laquo; in the church that any other place with the massive presence of people, it is vital to the safety of citizens. Therefore rescuers Management laneodyat such preventive raids, whose main task is a reminder of safety rules. Also very important is the willingness of the clergy to act in case of fire or other emergency situation, so we together with the regional organization DPT Ukraine carry with them the practical working use fire extinguishers. Due to this, the priests and not rozhublyatsyaknow what to do » &Ndash; said Deputy Head of Civil Protection Lt. Col. Sergei Mikhailyuk. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region