In Zhytomyr strengthen control in terms of passenger traffic

The decision was taken at a joint meeting on the safety of passenger transport in the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration. Among the immediate steps - checking the technical condition of passenger vehicles, as well as reconstruction and repair of roads in the region. Participation expandIrena meeting chaired by Vice-President - Head of regional state administration Vyacheslav Polishchuk were heads of departments and specialized services and departments Zhytomyr, including representatives of the Office of the State and Head of traffic police in the districts. Issues that were passed on the agenda - generallynyy state passenger traffic in the region, the results of the technical inspection of passenger transport and discuss concrete steps to prevent and avoid accidents with his participation. As Head of Traffic Police Vladimir Zhytomyr mushroom, the main causes of accidents with passenger traffic is exceeding its drivers withoutically safe speed, passenger violations, failure distance, breaking the rules of overtaking others. Significant role in the safety of passengers and condition plays a most vehicles. In Zhytomyr appropriate services are provided by more than 280 pasazhyropereviznykiv using more than 1,800 units in 884 transport routes overalltion use. During March 23-26, traffic police together with other interested agencies tested these entities and found over 160 technically faulty vehicles. Among the most common - failure automobiles and light devices, cracked the windshield and blocked emergency exits. For rezultatamy inspection was made appropriate provisions and obligations pasazhyropereviznykiv resolve identified deficiencies. To influence the overall situation and prevent traffic accidents involving passenger cars, participants enlarged meeting took a number of decisions. Among the key - gain control over the truckers Passengerrskyh services of additional work with drivers to improve the culture of public service and strict observance of traffic rules, as well as reconstruction and capital repairs of highways of Zhytomyr region. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Zhytomyr region