In the Zhytomyr region rescuers removed the balcony frame that could fall on passers-

April 1 at 14:21 to the operational and management coordination center DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr Oblast received information about the threat of falling balcony frames at passers in the regional center. Another dispatcher to place a call referral department 2ndState Fire and Rescue district. As zyasuvalosya, because of the strong wind Balcony vidihnulasya frame. It's all saw the owner of the apartment and immediately called rescue workers. Upon arrival at the place of call was found that the balcony is on the third floor and the frame is about to fall on the pavement can with heavy traffic. Soldiers DSNS quickly raodyly the scene, and using special equipment dismantled frame. Only a miracle there were no casualties. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region