Novograd Volyn ryayon: rescuers helped pershoklasnytsi hand is stuck in the heat radiator

April 1 at 17:02 on the item called ’ communications 10th State Fire and Rescue parts Novograd Volyn was reported from urban high school teacher, the that her student was « hostage » Cast iron radiators opalennya. Upon arrival, call rescuers saw tears pershoklasnytsyu hand on elbow which is stuck in batteries – such consequences of child curiosity. The teachers of the institution with mother ’ S tried to free yourself injured hand using a soap solution. However, no attempt was not successful, yesValaste felt panic and nervous tension. Assessing the situation, nadzvychaynyky quickly got to work. Experts DSNS exposed limb girl and asked her to relax. Trying not to break gently tried to change the position of the hands, and then just a few minutes rescued her from captivity. Fortunately, the kids did not suffer and medicalfor assistance was not required. Mom and teachers thanked rescuers for careful and prompt assistance. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region