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Zhytomyr district police officers detained a thief

police detained a man who stole a mobile phone as a resident of our city. April 1 to Zhytomyr Gorotdel police asked 44-year-old local resident. A woman reported that her home was stolen mobile phone worth 600 USD. Precinct inspectors Milicaher, holding a number of special events have established that a criminal offense committed 39-year-old local resident. Criminal investigations. Dear citizens! Do not forget the time to take care of the security of their property. Try to keep valuables out of the reach of unauthorized persons to places not invite unfamiliar people in their own home. Dr. strengthenVery and windows in their homes, offices, commercial establishments and more. Note that modern technical and practical tools help reliably protect the premises from unwanted guests visiting. For example, consider the installation of the alarm that efforts to bring perpetrators to seize your property to a minimum. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal AffairsUkraine in Zhytomyr region