In Vinnitsa region planted nearly 70% of early grain and leguminous crops

According to the Department of Agricultural Development of Administration on the projected area of ??sowing of early grain and leguminous crops - 109.6 thousand. Ha, now planted 74.2 thousand. Ha (67.7% to forecast). Including spring wheat areas of the projected -10.7 thousand. Ha sown- 9.1 thousand. Ha (84.8% of the forecast); spring barley with a projected area - 88.3 thousand hectares. sown 57.7 thousand. ha (65.4% of the forecast); oats with projected area - 2.9 thousand hectares. sown on an area of ??2.0 thousand. ha (67.6% of the forecast), peas with projected area - 7.1 thousand hectares. sown 5.2 thousand. ha ( 73.5% of the forecast). In addition, farmers have sown Vinnichiny 35 th. Ha or (6.4% of the forecast), sunflower - 2.0 thousand. Ha (1.2% of the forecast). Perennial grasses fueled an area of ??60.4 thousand. Ha (73% of the forecast). This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration