Regional fiscals tested nearly a thousand declarations to the Law of Ukraine "On cleaning power"

reported the Head of Research DFS in Vinnitsa region Miroslav Prodan and adds that checked the information specified in the declaration of assets, revenues, expenses and financial obligations the nature of people to be checked in accordance with paragraph 2Part 5 of the Act. Testing was carried out by experts subordinate LIGHTS PG DFS in Vinnitsa region a special algorithm. It can detect inaccurate information specified in the declaration of the presence of actors declaration of assets (property rights) and mismatch value of the property (property rights) acquired (acquired) during disruptionsuvannya on similar positions, income derived from legitimate sources. Miroslav Sold notes that as of March 1, 2015 to DFS units in Vinnitsa region received 1586 requests for inspections reliability of the information provided for in paragraph 2 of Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On cleaning power," 690 of them - this year. Narawith, conducted 965 inspections of data subjects mentioned declaration. In 95 percent or 915 declarants confirmed the veracity of the information provided. However, in 37 - found inaccurate data, and 13 - their inconsistency. The inspections, applicants and the Ministry of Justice sent the relevant findings of inspections. Recall respectivelythe Law of Ukraine "On cleaning power" (part three of Article 1 of the eighth article 3), a person who pointed out false information on acquired property and could not explain its origin, loses 10-year right to occupy positions in government and local government. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration