On Friday, the Lviv Philharmonic - concert cello music

Friday, April 3, at 19:00 in the Lviv Philharmonic cello concert music program which - the works of different artistic direction. This "Poem beztilesnosti" Jennifer Bellora, "Legion" for orchestra Sergey Pilyutikova, Concerto violoncheli number 2 and orchestra by Camille Saint-Saens and suite for orchestra number 2 from the ballet "Daphnis and Chloe" by Maurice Ravel. This was reported in the department of advertising and marketing Lviv Philharmonic. According to the report, the third picture Ballet « Daphnis and Chloe » completely entered the second suite for orchestra. The first and second suite is divided into three episodes. In theThey Ravel stores remarks ballet, which act as a kind of program. The second suite from the ballet « Daphnis and Chloe » begins colorful picture of nature that wakes up (« Sunrise »). Against the background of the quiet murmur of streams (imitating flute, clarinet, harp and celesta) and the twitter of birds (three solo violin and flute piccolo) in paragraphArtie bass instruments there is a theme that is facing up. Ravel means of musical expression is impressive pictorial effect, the listener can imagine how slowly rising sun. This picture enliven topics Shepherds (sopilkovyy their tunes sounded party flute piccolo clarinet and piccolo in the scene). In « Pantomime » historyPan and Syrinx the nymph told mostly solo trees ’ volved spirit. Slow solo flute becomes a rapid dance, circling, which completes the theme of love Daphnis and Chloe – this time in an unusual timbre alto flute. &Laquo; General Dance » begins orchestral variations on consistently repeated short motiveswith a firm rhythm. Again sheer fun unfolds in the powerful sound of the whole orchestra, choir enhanced. Poem beztilesnosti Jennifer Bellor consists of two parts, inspired by my favorite poems by John Donne (1572-1631) and Yiannis Ritsos (1909-1990). Each of these parts originally existed as a separate piece for soprano, but I alwaysimagine them in instrumental version. The first poem « Air and Angels » was inspired by the first verse of the poem J. Donna « Air and Angels & raquo ;. The second poem Jennifer Bellor « The Distant » was originally written to order The Ritsos Project for soprano, flute, alto saxophone and piano, and was made in GreeceJuly 2014. The English translation of the poem – &Laquo; The Distant » was used for the title of the work. Told