In Khmelnytsky in Kamenetz-Podolsk 18-year-old student deceived his classmate guy lured in

peer digital technology total cost of 5 thousand. By Kamenetz-Podolsk city police department a statement about the theft of digital technology appealed couple kam'yanchan. During the weekend of their apartment disappeared tablet, meaningarable phone and game console. At this time in the apartment were only children, adult son and two smaller daughter. - The criminal police for Children set attacker and returned to owners their way - says chief of Yuri Plyuta. - As long as the parents were not home, they visited 18-year-old classmate of his son. He decided Categoriesaduryty friend and earn money. Found a damaged mobile, tablet and game console, and under the pretext of repairing appropriated them for himself. The next morning crook zbuv all locally for two hundred hryvnia, although the real value of technology is about 5 thousand. Criminal proceedings open on ch. 1, Art. 190 "Fraud" Crimeainalnoho Code of Ukraine, to the court. The maximum penalty that threatens attacker - restraint of liberty for a term of 3 years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region