Chernihiv guards securely protect the border of Ukraine almost a year lasts

enhanced mode border protection. At the Ukrainian-Russian frontier in the responsibility of Chernigov frontier ensured its integrity, smooth operation of checkpoints and adequate security persons peretynayutb frontier. This head of Chernihiv frontier Igor Timchuk a regular briefing for the media. - We increased density service arranged second line (checkpoints checkpoints) and produce various control regime activities involving local residents of border towns - he said. Bordertion unit is equipped with the necessary equipment. In particular, last year received more than 50 units. In the near future border guards will help new excavator, vans and armored trucks and heavy equipment. Once will receive funding under the national program "The Wall", plan to continue working with oblashtuvanof the state border. In particular, increase the length of the ditch and install anti-observational tower. In general, according to Igor Tymchuk, these activities have a positive impact on the status of the state border and significantly increase the level of security. High moral and psychological state of personnel allows border guards to secure protectionstate border of Ukraine. However, the ongoing recruitment of citizens for military service under the contract and under the fourth wave of partial mobilization. All comers for service in border troops to apply by phone (04622) 5-80-17 or 067-460-84-41. Describing the results of the squad last year, Igor Tymchufor particular noted that the number of crossing operations at checkpoints decreased twice. Last year the state border skipped over 3 million people and 650 thousand vehicles. More than 6000 people for various reasons not to go to Ukraine. Administrative charges were brought nearly 1500 offenders on Ical fined in the amount of more than 600 thousand. Together with customs officers at checkpoints were removed 131 Unit of weapons, almost 1000 rounds of ammunition, and over 250 grams of explosives and more than 2 kilograms of drugs. Despite the fact that last year protocol to commit acts of corruption against detachment personnel notevolved, there were 9 criminal cases. The verdict of the court of 4 soldiers were convicted, 15 - fired. On the hotline received 32 reports of unlawful acts staff. In each case, an internal investigation was conducted, the results of which 118 soldiers brought to administrative answerednosti. According to the Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration