In Ternopil rescuers calling comply with fire safety regulations during the Easter holidays

On the eve of one of the most respected Christian holiday - Day of Christ's Resurrection. To holidays passed without extreme events before Easter rescuers appeal to citizens, clergy, churchwardens and other responsecial people and remind of compliance with basic rules of fire safety. Employees of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies advised after the Divine fully znestrumlyuvaty buildings and not to leave the church unattended candles and open flame. Holding a candle in hand, must see to it that the fire did notgot to own or other people's things that can catch fire instantly. You must comply with fire safety rules when using electrical appliances, ensure the serviceability of electric and waive the non-standard heaters for space heating and to prevent electrical wires laying open to constructive combustibletions. You should also be very careful with various electric garlands adorn the internal elements of churches and iconostasis separate images. Apply various extension cords with ’ unity ordinary electrical wires « twist » and the use of so-called elektrozapobizhnykah « bugs » mohorror at any moment lead to large-scale fire! It is city ’ in mind that the fire easier to prevent than to extinguish, but if a disaster happens, then in any case not panic. About the event should immediately notify the Fire and Rescue Service by calling « 101 » and the arrival of professional firefighters, samosabe constantly proceed to extinguish the fire using the primary means of fire.